Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing ...

the newest additions to the family:

Meet the girls. They work as hard as my original set of girls, just completely different function. But every time I catch a glimpse of these they made me smile (as the originals ones kind of make me frown). Am loving the way they bring out the red in the tiles behind them. Eventually I want to add a folding counter above them, thus the reason why I didn't get the pedestals.

I know you can't take possessions with you to heaven, so that's why I've adopted them. They'll be coming with.


  1. I'm so jealous. I was getting paint in home depot yesterday and walked by a fine pair of these. Made methink of you and your wonderful futre you are sure to have with your laundry.

  2. OK, should have spell checked that post!

  3. I know you are struggling to find things to do until school starts again. I am sure you can get creative with these. They look quite sturdy. Do your kids watch wipeout? That adult obsticle course show? Maybe it is a bad thing to suggest....