Friday, September 18, 2009

Progress, Finally!

Yesterday, DH had a day off. I love his 4-day work week, BTW. We both cleaned and tidied until we go back to square 1, which is always a good place to be. Once the chores were done, he encouraged me to go get some errands done, on my own. Oh, joy!

I found myself on a Thursday with some spare time. So what did I do? I went to Grapples. What is Grapples? I know. I didn't know it existed until I moved here. But it's a completely charming (and packed) warehouse of home goods at great prices. It's only opened on Thursdays. In Nampa, Idaho, of all places. So I searched until I found it, and then stood amongst crazy chatty ladies who were snatching up decor like the Armageddon of interior design was coming.

I did find a few fun pieces to add to the house in all the insanity. And together they were all under $100.

+ The hurricane candlestick (which is adding in my accent color to the dark great room):

+ The stripy vase which matches my glass tiles perfectly:

+ The double-sided clock of my dreams! I've been searching for the perfect one since I first saw this wall in the kitchen in March of this year. I love that it matches the light fixtures, the dark wood cabinets and the wrought iron in one fell swoop! It looks like it belongs there, right?

And now, I just need to make some curtains with the fabric I picked up at Joann's. They are going over the sliding door. I'll post pictures once they're up.

I need some help here ... I need to order some window coverings for my boring masterbedroom windows. They're really narrow and there's a lot of them (4). Not very dramatic.

I like the idea of combining these ideas two together. The shades to pull up and down for privacy, and the "fixed" curtains for texture and color, which would mimic the door frame in the room above (wouldn't use the white curtains in the photo). What do you think?

Photo from? Someone posted this on a defunct style blog, and I can't find where it's from. But she was brilliant and made them herself.


  1. One idea that comes from HGTV is to frame your windows with curtains, and not cover them - that way the windows look bigger - as if the wall your hanging curtains cover are part of the window.

  2. LOVE the clock. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So is that a queen size bed in your bedroom? If so, you are my hero.

  3. I love the curtains in the second picture. I would just put the curtains on a rod, though, and slide them when you want to cover the windows. That way you don't have too much going on with the blinds and the curtains.

    And I, too, LOVE the clock. It looks very turn-of-the-century/vintage/classy.

  4. I think the shade and the curtains is a bit redundant. I'd probably go more towards a valence and the shade...and ix-nay the curtains all together. But really, what do I know?! ;)