Friday, July 31, 2009

Painted Feet

I've been painting, which means I've been making a mess. It's was a red mess. And unfortunately my driveway is still bearing the marks of the project. But the result was great, I think.

I took Miss A's old bed, which was formerly brass sprayed off white and sprayed it red. It's now in the guest room.

I used:
— 2 cans of Rustoleum's Red Spray Paint



Here's what I learned:
— Rustoleum's Red is very red. But looks great on metal. It comes out shiny like a firetruck.

— Don't spray paint on a windy day. Your surrounding area will end up pink (if you happen to be using red).

— You don't necessary have to rough up your surface to make the pain stick. But it does help to avoid it chipping easily. I didn't and we already have a few dings.

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  1. Fortunetly, the design shows came out with this new term for dings- it is called something like weathered or distressed.